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What if my college-age child faces drug possession charges?

As a parent, there are few experiences as difficult as learning that your child faces drug possession charges. While no parent wants to receive this news, those whose children face charges while attending college face a very clear fear. In some cases, drug possession convictions can lead to getting expelled from the school or losing precious scholarship funding that the child may need to finish one's education.

If you have a child who recently received drug possession charges, you are right to worry. If you do nothing, your child may find him- or herself set on a path that leads to a much different life than the life you know your son or daughter achieve.

Drug charges generally carry much stiffer penalties than other non-violent crimes, often entailing serious jail time on top of fines. Not only may such a conviction put an end to at least a semester of school, it may make it unfeasible for your child to return to school. Outside of academic pursuits, drug convictions often disqualify a person for many jobs, especially those with advancement potential. In some cases, individuals with drug convictions may find property management companies are unwilling to rent them an apartment or other rental property.

How do I fight the charges?

The wisest place to start when fighting drug possession charges is to consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney in your area who understands the local justice system and focuses on defending young defendants.

The attorney may find some aspect of the stop or arrest itself that raises grounds for challenge. You may also have procedural opportunities to push the prosecution to prove the validity of their charges against your child. The prosecution may not have as strong a case as you think, but it's impossible to know until you set up your own consultation.

Don't forego professional legal help

No matter how your child received the charges, building a strong defense is always the wisest choice. The weaker your defense, the more that the prosecution can simply throw the book at your child and make him or her an example.

However you choose to proceed, be sure to seek out all the legal counsel your child deserves to make sure that you do everything you can to protect your child's future so that he or she can learn from the mistake and move on to a wiser path.

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