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Were you charged with drunk driving after a car accident?

Getting arrested and charged with driving under the influence in Georgia is one thing. Getting arrested and charged with a DUI after a car accident is an entirely different situation.

If a collision caused by a DUI driver results in a death or serious injuries to anyone involved in the collision, for example, the punishments that could result from a conviction include a multi-year prison sentence. As such, the defendant will want to take the time to carefully formulate his or her defense strategy.

How does Georgia penalize people with DUI convictions?

While some aspects of the law are confusing or unclear, there's no question about the legality of driving under the influence of alcohol. In every state, there are laws setting limits for the blood alcohol content (BAC) of any person operating a motor vehicle. Georgia, like the vast majority of states, penalizes anyone who gets behind the wheel with a BAC of 0.08 percent or higher. For those who are under the age of 21, however, the legal BAC is only 0.02 percent.

Driving under the influence (DUI) charges can result in serious consequences. Understanding the risks involved in a Georgia DUI case can help you make more informed decisions about your legal options.

What if my college-age child faces drug possession charges?

As a parent, there are few experiences as difficult as learning that your child faces drug possession charges. While no parent wants to receive this news, those whose children face charges while attending college face a very clear fear. In some cases, drug possession convictions can lead to getting expelled from the school or losing precious scholarship funding that the child may need to finish one's education.

If you have a child who recently received drug possession charges, you are right to worry. If you do nothing, your child may find him- or herself set on a path that leads to a much different life than the life you know your son or daughter achieve.

5 reasons a breath test may not be accurate

A police officer pulls you over on the way home from a friend's house. You drifted over the center line, he says. He wants to give you a breath test to see if you're under the influence.

You're skeptical right away. It's one in the morning, and you're not even sure you drifted over the line. Was the officer just looking for excuses to pull anyone over and check one's blood alcohol concentration (BAC) because it's more likely that drunk drivers are out at night?

New Georgia DUI laws could make a major impact

New DUI laws went into effect in Georgia on July 1 of this year. Certain individuals accused of DUI will have the option of installing an interlock ignition device (IID) into their vehicle. An interlock ignition device requires drivers to blow into a tube attached to their steering column. If the IID detects the presence of alcohol, the car will not start. Additionally, any positive result for alcohol will be collected and forwarded to the authorities.

What does this new law mean for people accused of DUI?

Federal drug prosecutions falling, but future uncertain

People who commit drug crimes can quickly find themselves facing federal charges. Following an investigation and indictment, defendants are then subject to a series of court dates as the trial draws near.

Although the crimes are serious, the court docket is long. Judges, lawyers and investigators are often overwhelmed by the caseload. Therefore, the system relies on bargaining through plea deals to dispose of cases. In 2013, Attorney General Eric Holder adopted a philosophy of only taking on federal cases that "served substantial interest" of the government.


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