Protecting The Futures Of High School and College Students

Being accused of an offense while in high school, or a crime while in college, can be an intimidating experience for students and their parents. The prospect of a criminal record can adversely impact academic opportunities, including student aid. Allegations do not necessarily have to arise at school or on campus to derail a promising future.

If you or your child's future is at risk because of a criminal charge, you need a strong defense attorney who cares about the outcome of the case as much as you do. At Abbott Law Firm, P.C., I am committed to defending the rights and protecting the futures of young people charged with crimes.

A Focused Criminal Defense Lawyer With The Experience You Need

I have focused exclusively on criminal defense for my entire legal career. For 10 years, the Abbott Law Firm, P.C., has been a well-respected criminal defense practice in Marietta, Georgia. Prior to entering private practice I was an assistant public defender for both the city of Atlanta and DeKalb County. My knowledge of the local courtrooms in Cobb County and the surrounding areas is informed by substantial experience. The knowledge and insight of the local legal landscape courtroom allow me to craft effective strategies to present a solid defense.

For students, I understand the weight criminal allegations place on your shoulders, and your concerns about the future. In every case I handle, I believe that each client needs to be given the legal analysis and guidance to allow them to make informed choices about their defense. Many students facing a criminal charge may have a wide range of options to legally protect their rights without damaging their future.

Personal Service Is The Hallmark Of My Criminal Defense Practice

My practice is founded on client-centered service, with strategic courtroom advocacy aimed at obtaining the best outcome possible. While I am ready, willing and able to go to trial, I also understand that the best results are often reached through creative negotiations. I will explain all of your options to allow you to participate in your defense strategy.

I am well-prepared to defend against all levels of offenses that students may face, including:

Secure Peace Of Mind For You And Your Family

When I defend students, I make sure they understand the consequences of their decisions, but I also fight to minimize any long-lasting legal consequences of those decisions. If you or your child has been charged with a crime, contact me online or call at 678-831-0345, toll free at 800-737-1251 to arrange a free consultation. I have substantial experience in adult and juvenile courts in Cobb, Paulding and DeKalb counties.