Relentless Representation For Drug Possession Charges

A drug addiction can cause people to take extreme measures, often illegal ones. If you are accused of drug possession in Georgia, obtain experienced legal counsel. The right lawyer will not only have extensive experience defending against serious allegations but will also take the time to understand you or your loved one who is facing potentially life-changing charges.

More Than 10 Years Of Experience To Focus On Your Best Interests

I am Patricia Abbott, an experienced Marietta drug possession attorney committed to protecting your rights. I have a strong background defending clients as criminal defense attorney and as a former assistant public defender. I understand drug charges are more complicated than what they may seem on the surface. Whether you have battled a drug addiction for years, were wrongfully accused or your constitutional rights were violated, I will take every measure possible to defend your rights.

Do not underestimate the seriousness of drug charges. A conviction could result in jail time, hefty fines, probation, the loss of gun rights and other significant penalties. I am committed to protecting your rights, while mitigating the potential penalties you face. Call my drug possession law firm in Marietta, Georgia, at 678-831-0345 for a free initial consultation.

I have extensive experience defending against felony and misdemeanor drug possession charges, involving:

  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Crack
  • Meth
  • Ecstasy
  • Illegal prescription drugs

Law enforcement must obtain a proper warrant to search your home, vehicle or any of your other property. If law enforcement violated the terms of the search warrant or failed to secure a proper search warrant, I will use this as part of your defense. I will also evaluate the validity of any evidence obtained through an alibi. I will not hesitate to cast doubt on the credibility of an informant with a criminal history. I am committed to reviewing every angle possible to uncover any weaknesses in the prosecution's case. The prosecution could face an uphill battle to convict you of a drug offense with a lack of evidence.

Seeking A Reduction In Drug Possession Penalties

Even if a drug conviction is unavoidable, my work will not be over. As an experienced attorney, I know when to fight for a dismissal or start negotiating for a reduction in penalties. I believe jail time does not serve well for individuals suffering from addiction. If you are dealing with a drug addiction, I will incorporate testimony from industry-leading experts to show you would greatly benefit from a rehabilitative treatment program. A lack of a criminal history or your willingness to do community service could also be used to negotiate for a reduction in penalties.

Contact A Cobb County Drug Charge Attorney For A Free Consultation

If you are facing drug possession charges, the best investment you can make is to enlist the help of an experienced defense lawyer. The right attorney will know how to carve out an effective defense strategy, even when the evidence appears damaging. This has been my focus for years. Contact my law firm online, or call my office in Marietta, Georgia, at 678-831-0345 or toll free at 800-737-1251 today for a free initial consultation. Credit cards accepted. Payment plans are available.