Experienced Help With Underage Drinking Charges

Just one drink of alcohol may seem harmless. But for anyone under 21, this could be a life-changing experience. The state of Georgia has a zero tolerance for underage drinking. If you were caught driving after having one drink or more, you could be charged with drunk driving. You have no room for error and need an experienced DUI defense lawyer focused on protecting your rights.

More Than A Decade Of Experience Defending Against Criminal Charges

I am Patricia Abbott, an underage drinking lawyer in Marietta with extensive experience defending high schoolers and college students facing serious accusations. Prior to opening the Abbott Law Firm, P.C., a decade ago, I served as an assistant public defender for both the city of Atlanta and DeKalb County. I will explain what you are facing, as well as the defenses that may be available in your individual situation to allow you to move forward with confidence.

I understand you may feel like a future of endless opportunities may no longer be attainable. It is true that employers and colleges are reluctant to pursue individuals with a criminal record. But, a criminal charge does not necessarily equate to a conviction. I will take every opportunity possible to defend your rights and restore your hope.

If you are accused of underage alcohol possession or underage drunk driving, the best asset you can have is an experienced defense attorney. I have a strong background in the local criminal justice system and know how prosecutors handle underage drinking charges. I am prepared to stay ahead of the prosecution, while never leaving you in the dark. Call 678-831-0345 to arrange a free initial consultation in Marietta, Georgia.

Defending Your Rights And Your Future

If you were arrested for minor in possession of alcohol, underage drunk driving or another alcohol-related charge, obtain experienced legal counsel to try and avoid a conviction. Underage drinking cases are particularly complicated. A conviction could be a real possibility if the arresting officer testified that the odor of alcohol was present on your breath. Only an experienced DUI defense attorney can effectively undermine the prosecution's evidence, when the stakes are high.

This has been my focus for years as an assistant public defender and as a criminal defense lawyer. Every case is fact specific. I will conduct a thorough investigation to understand if law enforcement violated your constitutional rights or made any false assumptions when making a drunk driving arrest. For example, I will fight for a reduction or dismissal of the charges, if law enforcement pulled you over without having a valid reason to make a traffic stop.

I may even be able to explain why your breath smelled of alcohol if you consumed a minor amount at a religious ceremony. I have defended many clients in similar predicaments. I will never make any false assumptions about your case. I will work with you to understand all the factors involved so I can mount the strongest defense possible.

Negotiating For A Reasonable Resolution To Underage Charges

If a conviction is unavoidable, all hope is not lost. I will negotiate with the prosecution for a reduction in penalties based on your clean record and willingness to work with law enforcement. If you participate in community service or a treatment program, this could be used as a bargaining tool for a reduced sentence. I will also review every angle possible to see if the charges can be expunged. I work directly with clients to obtain the best results possible, whether that is a favorable plea agreement, dismissal of the charges or acquittal at trial.

When The Stakes Are High, Contact Me For A Free Consultation

Do not let a criminal charge derail the plans you have. I can help you get back on track by dealing with your underage drinking charges head-on. Call 678-831-0345 or toll free at 800-737-1251 or send me an email to learn how I can develop a strong defense strategy. I offer free initial consultations and payment plans are available. I represent clients in Marietta, Smyrna, Kennesaw and throughout Cobb County. Credit cards accepted.