Aggressively Defending Against Repeat DUI Charges In Georgia

If you were arrested for drunk driving in Georgia for a consecutive time, you may know the drill but that does not make it any easier. The stakes were serious the first time around. Now, the stakes are even higher. The harsh drunk driving laws in Georgia provide enhanced penalties for a conviction for a repeat DUI offense.

Many people are stunned to learn a second conviction for drunk driving will bring at least 72 hours of mandatory minimum jail time — and often longer jail sentences. A fourth offense within 10 years is a felony. The adverse impact on your driving privileges is also significantly increased for a repeat offense. Even though the implications could be serious, hope is not lost.

More Than A Decade Of Experience Fighting DUI Charges

I am Patricia Abbott, an experienced Marietta second-offense DUI defense attorney. I am committed to fighting to protect the rights of those accused of DUI. Before starting my own defense firm a decade ago, I was an assistant public defender for the city of Atlanta and DeKalb County. I have extensive experience helping clients navigate through the local criminal justice system. I want to help alleviate your fears by applying my years of experience and legal skills to your benefit.

If you are accused of drunk driving for a second time, a conviction could result in a three-year suspension of your driver's license. You cannot afford to face the allegations without an experienced DUI defense attorney in your corner. I have extensive experience exposing the flaws and weaknesses in DUI charges against my clients. Call 678-831-0345 to learn how I can protect your rights during a free consultation.

Facing Repeat DUI In Cobb County? You Are Entitled To A Strong Defense.

Just because you were convicted of DUI charges once before, that does not mean you will be guilty this time. You are entitled to a strong defense from an attorney who will make no assumptions based on your prior record. This has been my exclusive focus for years.

I have seen law enforcement make mistakes or false assumptions for clients facing first-time or repeat DUI charges. I am committed to exposing any weaknesses and flaws in the prosecution's case against you. I analyze every detail to present a strong defense. The first step is to evaluate the traffic stop. Law enforcement often claims that the stop was justified for a variety of reasons such as:

  • Driving unusually slow
  • Driving erratically or recklessly
  • Swerving between lanes
  • Driving at night without headlights on
  • Driving at an unsafe distance behind other motorists

If law enforcement failed to have a credible and valid reason to make a traffic stop, I will fight for a dismissal. I have also been highly successful at challenging the subjective nature of field sobriety tests (FSTs). These exercises are used to evaluate individual's motor skills and cognitive ability, instead of their blood alcohol content.

Just because the Breathalyzer results indicated your blood alcohol content was .08 or higher, does not necessarily mean you were drunk driving. Intoxilyzer 9000 Breathalyzers have been known to calibrate incorrectly, resulting in inaccurate readings. If the machine was defective or the arresting officer made a mistake, I am fully prepared to expose these errors to ensure your rights are protected. I will question every piece of evidence obtained against you, while seeking to uncover any evidence that can be used in your favor.

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You may have been here before but that does not make it any easier. In fact, the stakes are raised making it even more essential to have an experienced second-offense DUI defense attorney in your corner.

I have extensive experience leveling the playing field for my clients. I will do the same for you. To request a no-pressure, free consultation, call the Abbott Law Firm, P.C., at 678-831-0345, toll free at 800-737-1251 or send me an email now. I accept credit cards and payment plans are available. Based in Marietta, I represent individuals charged with DUI throughout Cobb County and Paulding County.