Experienced DUI Defense Representation In Marietta

People from all walks of life can be pulled over — leading to drunk driving charges. For many, a DUI arrest is their first encounter with police — and the justice system. The fact that DUI charges are common in Marietta, Kennesaw and Smyrna does not mean that these charges should be taken lightly. The license suspension alone can be overwhelming. Moreover, a conviction will be placed on your permanent record.

Facing Drunk Driving Charges? I Will Level The Playing Field.

With the possibility of jail time, community service, hefty fines and losing your driving privileges, you need an experienced attorney who is committed to leveling the playing field against the power of the government.

I am Marietta DUI defense attorney Patricia Abbott. I am committed to helping you take action to ensure your rights are protected. Unfortunately, too many people think there is nothing that can be done, if their blood alcohol content was allegedly at .08 or higher. This is simply not true. As an experienced DUI defense lawyer, I know how to poke holes in the prosecution's case against you. I am prepared to uncover any inconsistencies or false assumptions that can be used in your favor.

Everyone is entitled to have his or her rights vigorously defended. Just because you are accused of drunk driving does not necessarily mean you will be convicted. Call the Abbott Law Firm, P.C., at 678-831-0345 to learn how I can mount an aggressive defense against high-stakes charges.

You Have 10 Days To Request An Administrative License Suspension Hearing

If you were arrested for drunk driving, you only have 10 days from the time of your arrest to request a hearing with the Georgia Department of Driver Services. You will automatically lose your driver's license for a year, if you fail to do this within 10 days. Challenging the administrative license suspension is handled separately from the criminal DUI charges. I will explain your legal options to protect your driving privileges, as well as provide you with experienced representation to fight the DUI charge.

A Decade In Private Practice With Prior Experience In Public Defense

Before starting my own defense firm a decade ago, I was an assistant public defender for the city of Atlanta and DeKalb County. I have gained credibility working in the local criminal justice system. Based on my years of experience, I know how to evaluate the nuances of a case in my clients' best interests. I understand when to fight for an acquittal or start negotiating for a reasonable resolution.

Whether you are accused of underage drinking or are facing second-offense DUI charges, you can feel confident knowing I will take every measure possible to defend your rights. I will evaluate the circumstances behind your arrest to understand if the police officer had a valid reason to make a traffic stop.

I have extensive experience analyzing the evidence and challenging the results of Georgia's breath testing machines. If the Intoxilyzer 9000 machine was calibrating incorrectly or the arresting officer failed to operate it properly, I will not hesitate to expose holes in the allegations against you. I will focus on uncovering any evidence that can be used in your favor to pursue a reduction or dismissal of the charges.

Contact A Skilled DUI Defense Attorney For A Strong Defense

No one should face DUI charges without skilled representation. No matter if this is your first DUI charge or you have been convicted before, my experience in crafting highly effective defenses can make all the difference in helping you move forward with your life.

To schedule a free initial consultation, call 678-831-0345, toll free at 800-737-1251 or contact me online. Based in Marietta, the Abbott Law Firm, P.C., serves clients throughout Cobb County.

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